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Milestones and Our Story that Accompanies Them

  1. Apple Introduces iPhone and starts a mobile/app revolution

    HAUS is founded in Los Angeles by Jared Plummer and Rasmus Blaesbjerg

  2. Obama is elected President arguably due to his social media and pop culture support

    Los Angeles magazine’s is re-imagined and relaunched, which marks HAUS first big project

  3. Writers strike against Hollywood studios demanding a percentage of revenue instead of a fixed fee for Internet content.

    The ‘A la mode’ Blog is launched as an experiment to categorize where our inspiration comes from

    Michael Jackson dies and with him pop culture distribution as we know it

    CP+B award a Microsoft banner project, which kickstarts a focus on live action and post production, combined with online development

    Time Magazine includes Top viral videos in ‘most important things of the year’

    Los Angeles Circles is founded by HAUS as a ‘Groupon meets Concierge’ service

  4. Wikileaks becomes more influential than most news media worldwide

    Cisco award a 7 digit budget which makes live action online more relevant than ever before

    Jeremy Moss is hired to develop the business for LA Circles and later HAUS

    Apple releases iPad and starts a tablet revolution

    FRANK is founded by HAUS as a service to ‘streamline management of freelancers’ per Techcrunch

  5. Android becomes the largest Mobile OS, which is the 3rd market leader in 4 years

    Directors are signed to accommodate growing demand for live action online

    The studio is moved into a space with twice the capacity, editing suite and beautiful indoor/outdoor client lounges

    Facebook surpasses 600 million users and becomes the worlds #1 most visited website

    Advertising Agency number 40 is added to the growing client list

    Zyrtec ‘Parks Unleashed' is picked as a campaigns across Google that harnessed the magic of online

    Bitcoin becomes the first virtual decentralized global currency to become mainstream

  6. Silicon valley wins the SOPA internet censorship battle against Hollywood

    Toyota entrusts HAUS to development key online properties such as, owner’s site and their first tablet/mobile responsive brand website

    Finishing the new studio on Melrose Ave puts HAUS in LA historical context and increases the capacity to 60 people

    Facebook reaches one billion active users and goes public with a 100 billion USD evaluation

    Dino Petrone is hired to lead, strengthen and streamline backend and developer architecture

    Google, AOL, and Yahoo partner for the first time in history on our project to educate voters on their choices in 2012 presidential election

We’re a Fully Integrated Studio for Design, Development and Video Content Production